How I Overcome Social Anxiety

“When everyone is having a blast day on a party, while i felt being out of place.” 

Some of us are in trouble of explaining and understanding the situations that make us more difficult to understand. As human, I experienced  this so called “Anxiety” that makes me so crazy but not literally. It just make me overthink things and certain situations.

ANXIETY – a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.




A Woman You Are

To a woman you are. Never let yourself be intimidated by others and these words,“You’re only just a girl” and prove them they’re wrong.
You have more what you want in life. Be brave enough to stand on your own. Problems might be there always but you just have to keep on. Don’t let anybody make you feel so small because​ remember you can do it all.

You have a kind heart and a beautiful soul. You’re worth is more than gold. 

As the more you express the real you, everything will just go with the flow. You are loved and worth to be loved.

Sometimes you may get hurt, but these are your strengths to go through. Weaknesses is just a sign that you’re getting braver and stronger as you think.

As you look upon those memories of you, being you. You will just appreciate your life as a woman you are. You will know that self-worth is all that you need. Love yourself first.

— M.a.l

Thank you for reading. I’m happy to share my writings and to help people who are in search for words. Much love.

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Love Me Now

If you lived in Philippines, you’ll surely know the episode of Maalala Mo Kaya last Saturday. The story is entitled “Bituin” or “Stars”, it was a cute story of a couple who loves each other so much and also they shown bravery. This story comes with how they fight their relationship and even though how hard the situation is, they don’t give up. The story have twists at the end part where i actually cried. From that, i made a lovely poem for it. 💖

It reminds me of my fave movie ” The Fault In Our Stars”